String Cheese Incident - 04-20-1996

String Cheese Incident

Alpine Meadows Ski Area
Lake Tahoe, CA

discs: 2
recording type: SBD
shn: yes; book/page: 2/47
quality rating: A

[disc 1] (49:38)
set 1:
1. Remington Ride (4:17)
2. Hold What You Got (3:54)
3. Hobo Song (4:53)
4. Handsome Molly (3:20)
5. Lester Had a Coconut (4:35)
6. The Joker (5:36)
7. Margaritaville (4:28)
8. Moonflower (9:47)
9. Come Back Home (4:39)
10. Whiskey Before Breakfast (4:06)

[disc 2] (59:45)
set 2:
1. How Mountain Girls Can Love (4:10)
2. Temperance Reel (4:49)
3. Chili Dawg (4:18)
4. San Jose (5:13)
5. Congo Square (7:39)
6. Born on the Wrong Planet (5:55)
7. Eat My Dust -> (6:24)
8. Is This Love -> (2:00)
9. Eat My Dust (5:30)
10. Jellyfish (10:10)
11. Big Sciota (3:37)

This is the fifth in a series of shows that SCI Fidelity will take from the SCI Archive and upload to the etree.

the copy i downloaded had the first 4 tracks of set2 on disc1, i moved them onto the 2nd disc with the rest of set2 and retracked the whole thing using cooleditpro. -davepeterson

SBD Engineer/Tape source: Jay Clarke
Source Info: SBD->Cassette Master>Nakamichi RX-505>Apogee Rosetta series 24-bit/96khz A/D converter>Tascam DA-30>DAT Equipment used for A/D: Masterpiece A/V Cassette to DAT Mastering: Aaron Miller CD Mastering: Fostex D-5->Optical Digital->Fostex CR-200 DAT->CD Transfer by: Whitney Padgett CD to hard drive for editing cassette flips and back to CD: Plextor UltraPlex40->Hard Drive->Yamaha 400AT CD Editing: Colin Gibbons Media Supplied by: Masterpiece A/V Cassette flip patches:
% Whiskey Before Breakfast patched together @ 0:47->0:50
# Eat My Dust patched together @ 0:50->1:01 Extracted and SHNed by

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