String Cheese Incident - 08-11-2001

String Cheese Incident

Hornings Hideout
North Plains, OR

discs: 6
recording type: AUD/schoeps
shn: yes; book/page: 2/26
quality rating: A

[disc 1] (70:37)
set 1:
1. Cedar (10:10)
2. Joyful Sound > jam ^ > (13:54)
3. Remington Ride (4:57)
4. Latinissmo (10:55)
5. Bigger isn't Better > jam > (17:41)
6. Smile (12:57)

[disc 2] (46:27)
set 2:
1. Shakin' the Tree > jam > (20:39)
2. Tom Thumb's Blues (6:26)
3. Turn This Around (15:43)
4. Dudley's Kitchen (3:38)

[disc 3] (43:36)
set 2 con't:
1. Outside Inside (7:10)
2. Don't Say > jam > (16:58)
3. Rollover (19:27)

[disc 4] (56:47)
set 3 (ritual set):
1. Rivertrance ^ > (18:48)
2. jam > (5:03)
3. jam > (6:42)
4. Land's End Reprise (26:13)

[disc 5] (56:32)
set 4:
1. Round the Wheel (11:42)
2. Miss Brown's Teahouse % > (8:58)
3. The Chicken > drumz > (15:16)
4. Chamber Maid (20:35)

[disc 6] (48:54)
set 4 con't:
1. Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother (7:46)
2. Use Me (11:17)
3. Blackberry Blossom # (23:00)
4. Lean on Me * (6:49)

* this track is from a different source than the rest
^ with Wheel Hoss teases
% unfinished
# with Is This Love teases

Tye North (from Leftover Salmon) took over on bass midway through Miss Brown's and played the rest of the set.

Entire 4th set also with members of The Motet: Mike Tiernan (guitar), Greg Raymond (keyboards), Scott Messersmith and Dave Watt (percussion), Matt Spencer (bass) and Jans Ingber (vocals on Use Me and Lean on Me).

source: Schoeps CMC6/MK41(hypers)>Sound Design MP2 pre> AD2K+> DAP1> DAT> CDR Recorded and taped by John Hart

Extracted using Track Thief and Shortened on a Macintosh G4 by

Note: In a few places in the 4th set there are PA "problems", most of them related to the number of people onstage and what they were doing. These are part of the show, and are in the master DATs. The most noticeable ones are listed below so that you and your speakers aren't surprised. CD4: t1 - 29:38 (PA crackle). CD5: t3 - 1:40 & 2:47 (loudish PA crackles). CD5: t4 - 5:18-5:20 (plug-in hum).

************************************************************ Tracking notes for Summer Camp 2001 (
************************************************************ The SCIEVAL group compared multiple sources from these shows in October, 2001. In the end this source with its tracking problems and EAC generation was hands down superior to the rest.

Retracking: The source SHN files were decoded to WAVs with MKWAct 3.0. The individual WAVs comprising each disk were then rejoined with WavMerge 2.1. The larger WAV was edited as needed with SoundForge 5.0, and then loaded into CDWave 1.5.6 for tracking on sector boundaries. The final WAVs were SHN'd with MKWAct again, seek appended.

Changes to original source:
* Track breaks are now on sector boundaries on all disks.

* Crowd noise and general chattiness was moved from the beginning of some tracks to the end of the previous track.

* Superfluous "jam" tracks were reattached to the preceeding song unless they represented a stand-along musical piece (as opposed to a transitional jam between two songs without its own theme.)

* Disk 4 was a single long track. Those jams which represented stand-alone musical segments, including the Lands End Reprise jam, were broken out into their own tracks. This seemed better, if for no other reason than you wouldn't have to listen to the disk from the beginning each time you got in your car.

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